Good Grief

So my wife is sick again.  Which means that she acts like a complete baby, and becomes an even greater bitch than usual.  Day one of her cold, and she is complaining of a throat that is so sore, that she cannot speak very loud.  It also seems to have affected her hearing.  So now I have a sick, pregnant wife, that is incapable of doing anything for herself, but also refuses to take care of herself.  Unless it is something that her mother needs…if that is the case, then she has enough energy to badger me into helping her mother.  Another woman that I loathe.

DW has no mothering instinct.  It is one of the reasons why I cannot ever leave her.  In the event that she and I separated, she would move back to her mother’s house, and the two of them would bitch about me so much, that my children would likely start to believe what they are saying.  She is poison to the kids, but there is no way that I can proove that.  She should be reduced to supervised visitation, with no access by her mother or brother.  The entire family is a waste of oxygen.

I hate my wife.  I would love to leave, but there is no way that I can afford to finance two households, and since my lazy ass wife will do nothing to bring in any type of income, it all falls on my shoulders.  The lazy idiot could not even keep track of her period, and now we are pregnant again.  The sex was not even worth it either.  I get more passion, and enthusiasm from prostitutes.  I got to fuck an 18 year old a couple of weeks ago.  Need to find another 18 year old though.  The last one had a birthday, and was not very satisfying.

Just got a text from Her, claims that doctor says that half the family has Strep Throat.  It is good that the doctor can diagnose these things without getting the lab results first.

Enough for now…

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Frustrated With My Wife

I am getting increasingly frustrated with my wife.  We have been married for nine years now, and my passion for the relationship has certainly waned.  Sex is infrequent, and when it does happen, it is fairly unsatisfying.  Quite frankly, I get more enjoyment from masturbating.  I frequent Sublime Directory, and I have a membership on Ashley Maddison.  Unfortunately for me, since I am a big guy, the women are not beating a path to my door.  I am too depressed to diet, and I binge eat frequently.  The one affair that I did have was very exciting, but that was a one time thing.  But it did teach me that big boobs are fantastic.  Whoever said “anything more that a handful is a waste“, was an idiot.  I think that I only stay in my marriage because of my children.  I do not want to put them through a divorce.  I still love my wife, but I am miserable staying with her.  I wish I could find a way to talk her into letting me have a girlfriend.  If I could hire a nanny, that doubled as my lover, it would be ideal for me.  After 9 years of the same sex routine, life gets a little stale.  Mostly she just lies there, and has me work her over.  I frequently have to beg for sex.  If I wait for her, it is usually 3 weeks to a month before she initiates.  Plus, she has intimacy problems.  If I try to get passionate about kissing, she pushes me away because she cannot breathe.  She will not use her tongue, and if I use mine, she grumbles about saliva.  She is extremely ticklish, and it becomes unbearable for her right before she orgasms, which means that I can never truly satisfy her sexually, but I still try.

I am at a loss as to what is the correct solution to my problem.

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Enough Bitching Already!!

My wife’s boss resigned a couple of months ago, and the new replacement has a different system for how the work is to be done.  My wife protests, a lot.  This, naturally, leads to a great deal of conflict between the two.  The new boss, it seems, does not really play well with others.  It is her way, or the highway.  Since my wife has a problem with following orders, she is always frustrated and upset.  She is constantly complaining to me about her new boss, yet any suggestion that I make as to how she could deal with her problem are argued against.  It seems that I have no idea what I am talking about.  So I get treated to a daily diatribe from my wife repeating, ad nauseam, everything that her new boss has done that my wife dislikes.  I have suggested suffering in silence, changing jobs, complaining to her union, talking to her new boss, talking with management, and reporting the woman to labour standards for creating a hostile work environment.  Since everyone that reports to this woman cannot stand her, and the boss has a habit of dressing people down in an open environment, I think the last idea might be fun.  I keep trying to point out to my wife, that if she simply did her job, as instructed, she would have minimal problem with the woman, but my wife, foolishly, keeps clinging to the notion of “That’s not how we used to do it”.  Let me just say, “I DO NOT CARE!!  SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR NEW BOSS!!”  Deal with your problem, and stop bitching at me about it.  Every single day, I hear about this woman.  It infects every conversation we have.  I try to be intimate with my wife, and she brings up her work, and starts complaining.  Quite the mood killer.  I find myself trolling Ashley Madison, and fantasizing about having some passion back in my relationship.

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Never Good Enough

I have had a rocky relationship with my Mother-in-Law (Lori) from very early into my relationship with my wife (Heather).  I think it started  because my wife and I started planning our wedding without Lori.  She viewed me as stealing her daughter, and, naturally, I was not good enough for her little girl.  I can understand overprotective parents, but at some point you really do have to let go and let your kids live their life.

When we met, Heather was 27 years old, just finishing college, and still living with her parents.  We started dating, and very quickly, we both just knew that this was it, we had found our “one”.  We were talking about marriage and our future within a couple of months, and had even gone so far as to pick our date, and make appointments to view potential wedding venues before we were even engaged.  We did not tell anyone that we were making these plans until after we got engaged, so from Lori’s perspective, we got engaged, set the date and picked the venue all within 24 hours.  She was overwhelmed, and felt very left out of the planning process.  Lori then proceeded to alienate me and push me not only out of the planning process, but certainly tried to push me out of Heather’s life.  If I had not been so certain that Heather was “the one”, Lori would have succeeded at driving me away.

The tension level between Lori and I got so large, the Heather forced the two of us to go to therapy together to work out our differences.  So two weeks before the wedding, a friend of mine managed to setup a series of appointments with the pastor at her church.  Yes, it took a pastor to negotiate a truce between Lori and myself.  Lori and I kept an uneasy truce for several years before our relationship collapsed once again.

The deterioration started with my Brother-in-Law Lucas.  Lucas was engaged to Sandra.  Sandra found out through a friend, that a local tanning salon business was for sale, so Sandra convinced Lucas to borrow the money off of Lori to buy the salon.  Lori agreed to loan them the money, she took a line of credit against her house and gave her son $250000.  Now I cannot be certain of the amount, because the story changes regularly, but $250000 has been the most commonly referred to amount.  All was well.  Lori did not listen to Heather’s cautions about what if the business fails?  The agreement was that they would pay back what they could, when they could.

Lucas and Sandra started having relationship problems.  I will not go into detail, but suffice to say that they are both seriously screwed up people, but at least Sandra is smoking hot.  Even Hugh Hefner thought Sandra was beautiful, so she had her picture in Playboy.  Lucas, being the lowlife that he is, started cheating on Sandra.  When Sandra found out, she left.  Unfortunately when she left, she looted the tanning salon bank accounts.  I have heard numbers between $50000 and $80000 was taken.  It was decided that if she simply walked away at that point, Lucas would get sole ownership of the salon, and their house.  Lucas in his infinite brilliance turned to cocaine to soothe his wounded ego.  He truly did not view cheating as that big of a deal, and to be dumped by his fiance crushed him.  When he found that snorting cocaine irritated his nose, (that is the reason he gave me) he switched from cocaine to smoking crack.

Over the next several years, Lucas was put into rehab twice, paid for by Lori.  The salon started to suffer financially, probably because Lucas started stealing more and more money from the till to buy crack.  Lucas’ house and truck were repossessed, yet Lori kept pretending that nothing serious was wrong.  I would try to coax her into actions, but she ignored my advice.  Finally when it was clear that the salon was about to go bankrupt, Lori legally seized control.  Again she ignored my advice.  I told her that she she talk to a lawyer about how best to go about buying the salons, but Lori felt that would be too expensive.  The lawyer bill would probably cost close to $1000, after all.  Instead she simply bought the shares in the incorporated company for $1 and had herself named director.  Over the next few months she discovered all the debt that the salons had.  Close to $50000 in debt was owed to various creditors, and all of them were knocking on the door.  When she finally talked to a competent accountant, she was told that had she created her own incorporated company, and bought the assets from Lucas’ incorporated company.  She would own all of the assets, and Lucas would have all of the debt.  Lucas would then declare bankruptcy and the debt would be gone.  During one of our numerous fights, I pointed out to her that the $1000 lawyer bill would have been very small by comparison to the massive debt she now faced.

Over the course of the years since Lucas had first purchased the salon until after Lori took over, Lori contributed another $200000 to Lucas.  For which she blames me.


Names changed to shield identities

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